Maritime Music for RCCL

Maritime Music

We are so thrilled to bring our program on the open seas with you. Maritime Music is a fun, high-energy class that keeps the kids engaged and excited about music. The songs are easy to sing along with and are fun for all ages!

During the 30 – 45 minute class, you will teach finger play songs, stand up songs, sit down songs, songs to play instruments with and much more! There is never a dull moment when using this curriculum! We provide enough lesson plans for 12 weeks, keeping it very easy for anyone to follow and “teach” music. As long as you and your staff are having fun and acting silly, the kids will follow along and will benefit from the program in a very short period of time.
A wide variety of props are used with this program, including small percussion instruments, balls, scarves, co-op bands, parachutes, and more. Let your imagination work for you. Our lesson plans and suggestions for activities are there to guide you. But don’t let it limit you! Our staff is always coming up with new and fun ways to teach these songs. We would love to hear what new ideas you and your staff come up with too!

Maritime Music has been designed for your RCCL cruise ship. it is intended to be extremely flexible in many different situations. no matter the age of the child, they will learn at their own pace. not only can you use this program for your 3-5 age group, but we can also show you how to use it for your 6mo-2 year olds with parent participation. We think you will find that it will be very accommodating to your particular needs on board your ship.

This is a wonderful program that teaches the kids without them knowing that they are being taught an actual lesson. Together, we will be spreading the love of music to children and their families all over the world. By bringing this onboard the RCCL fleet, your ship will be full of movement, smiles, music and best of all: LAUGHTER ! You can’t ask for more than that!

We look forward to embarking on this musical journey with you and your crew!

Tami Losoncy, Lucinda Farrington, Sandy Willmann and Gary Anderson Midtown School of Performing Arts Partners



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